Thursday, April 7, 2011

Custom Facebook Page Link/URL...

This tutorial is for my new friends from the UBP11 (HUGE blog party hosted by 5 minutes for mom) who got more than 25 Facebook fans/followers and would like to customize their Facebook link/url from that very long and tedious Facebook generic link/url to an easy to remember link/url.

*** I just noticed FB changed their customized URL rules; you no longer have to wait for 25 fans in order to customize the URL. It can be done as soon as you create the page...... YAY!!!!! :D ***

By the end of this tutorial you'll be able to go from to You need at least 25 fans to be able to customize it. If you've customized it before, you will not be able to make new changes.

Very easy to follow and it's only 4 steps!

1. Log in to your Facebook account, then in a new browser window/tab, type in:

2. Click on the 'Page Name' menu to see which pages are eligible for a custom link/url.

3. Once you pick the page you desire to work with; play around and try different shortened url names to find the one that works for you (the names need to be a minimum of five characters long).

*** IMPORTANT: Make sure to double check for any spelling errors before clicking 'Confirm', you WILL NOT be able to make changes afterwards. ***

4. Click 'Check Availability', if available you'll get a pop-up window with IMPORTANT information to remember. Once you read the small print and double check the custom link/url name you can click 'Confirm' and you're done.

You've just set a custom link/url for your Facebook fan page, congratulations!

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  1. Thanks Elsa! I knew how to do this before, but I can't because I let my sister use my cell phone number to confirm her account, and now I can't confirm my own! I'm sure many people will get good use out of this, though!

    That party was so fun, wasn't it? I love Janice and Susan. It's so nice getting to know you, too!

  2. I'll be getting with you soon for some work

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I have enjoyed getting to know you a bit through UBP11!

  4. ooh, awesome. i don't even have a fb page yet... bleh. so much to DO!!! but i love photography and it'll be fun to keep up with each other!

  5. Just changed mine! Thanks so much!

  6. I changed mine a while ago...and wouldn't you know? I didn't triple check my spelling and found out to late that I had added one too many L's to the name. I was so mad!

  7. great tips, with all the changes going on with FB pages, it is great to have some direction!

  8. Thanks so much for posting this! I was going crazy trying to figure it out.

  9. I think I did it!