Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Blog!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011
Welcome to my site, Emr | Design Studio! I’m so excited to be a part of 5 Minutes for Mom‘s Ultimate Blog Party. Since this is my very first blog and post I’ll start by telling you a little bit about myself.

My name is Elsa; I’m a mommy of an active 18-month-old little boy, an army wife, a freelance photographer/retoucher and graphic designer. I’m new to the blog world and am taking advantage of this Ultimate Blog Party to learn from the best bloggers out there.
Thank you for visiting! Any blogging suggestions for this newbie will be greatly appreciated… Go ahead, leave a comment and let me know you passed by!
I’m also on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Hi Elsa! Nice to meet you! I'm participating in the Ultimate Blog Party too. :) I wish I was a graphic designer, because I think it is the coolest job ever! I'm a teacher though! :)

  2. It will be good to see your pictures!

    Stopping in from UBP! Please come and visit my post too! We have a big $208 Giveaway. Love for you to enter and to get to know our blog!

    The Chief Blonde
    Still Blonde after all these YEARS

  3. Hi Elsa, I saw your post on Facebook (JanCan Graphics I am over there). It seems we have a bit in common. Come visit me at Not Quite Dead Yet, and I will be watching you to see how your blog develops. It's good to meet you!

  4. Hello new blogger. I am your guest from #ubp11 nice to meet you and stop y my blog to say hi

  5. Nice to meet you. Over from Twitter #UBP11.

    You'll get the hang of it. Just post about what appeals to you and someone else will enjoy it!

  6. I totally thought I was here,and commented... been talking on FB what the crap? This UBP is so overwhelming - wow! have fun!!

  7. Hey! Michelle ( a couple commets up) recommended your site, so I'm following you now : )

  8. Hi Elsa! This is my first UBP also. Hubby is a photographer, so I understand about having a camera nearby.

    I checked out your FB page and I adore your logo! Very chic! I am now a follower.

    If you have a chance to stop by my blog, it is www.janhatchett.com/ultimate-blog-party/

  9. Thank you guys for the support!! I'm so overwhelmed checking out everyones blogs... But as soon as I get the hang of it (hopefully soon) I'll get very familiar with blogging!!

  10. Hello Elsa! Welcome to blogging! I'm pretty new myself - I've only been at it a couple of months and I have lots of learning to do, but I'm having a great time!
    I'm so happy to be one of your first followers! I'd love it if you came by to follow-back. Plus, I'm hosting a great giveaway right now for some wonderful product's from Eco Ellie's. Entries are really low, so come enter and you're very likely to win!

    Best regards,

  11. Hi Elsa, just found you through the UBP11 twitter party. I'm pretty new to all this too! I wish I had room in one of my bags to carry a camera, but at this point I think I'd need a pack mule. Thank goodness for smart phones!
    Please feel free to stop by and say hi at

  12. Found you through UBP and now following. I look forward to seeing your pics!

  13. Hi Elsa!

    Welcome to the world of blogging!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Enjoy the party!!

  14. Here from UBP11! Aren't Parties FUN?! Be our guest, too - and check out our Party Prize giveaway! http://bit.ly/gWSgC2

  15. Hi Elsa. Nice to meet you. Stopping by froom the UBP11. Can't wait to read more about you and get to know you. I love photography.

  16. Glad we hooked up on twitter. thanks for stopping by Ready.Set.Read and following. I am now following you. Looks like you are off to a great start in the blogging world!

  17. Now following from the UBP! :) Would love for you to swing by my pages as well.


    Have a great day,


  18. Hello! I;m your newest follower from UBP! You can find me at

    Great to meet you. Now, I must go read through that facebook tutorial again!